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Home of the 'Lethal' Pigs! 

Providing life-enhancing care for Guinea Pigs with extra needs!

About Us

The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary enables guinea pigs who have ongoing medical issues to live a normal, happy life, whilst they receive the veterinary care they need. The Sanctuary specialises in the management of dental issues and the results achieved have been amazing!  Keep up to date with our work here.


The Sanctuary is funded purely by public donations and fundraising.  As you can imagine, our outlay for veterinary treatment is far higher than that of a traditional guinea pig rescue, coupled with the fact that there is no income gained from the animals in our care as they are permanent residents.  

How you can help... 

Places at the Sanctuary can be offered and the programme of supportive care is individually tailored to each piggy's needs. 

The approximate cost to TEAS when caring for a poorly pig is £5 per day.  This is made up of housing, feeding, supportive care of the pig and also transportation to and from vet appointments.

Running Total - Sanctuary Vet Bills 2016 = 

January 2016 = £945.01

February 2016 = £950.35

March 2016 = £711.90

April 2016 = £693.22

May 2016  = £577.95

June 2016 = £769.21

July 2016 = £

August 2016 = £

September 2016 = £

October 2016 = £

November 2016 = £

December 2016 = £

January 2015-December 2015 - Total paid by the Sanctuary for Veterinary treatment = £5117.64

January 2014-December 2014 - Total paid by the Sanctuary for Veterinary treatment = £4751.88


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Fundraising Events!

The Excellent Adventure Sanctuary Animal Rescue Fair will take place on Saturday 17th September 2016 at Roade Village Hall.  For further information, click here.

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